Keep it minimalist... (from time to time)


Less is more. This statement is accurate in numerous aspects of life, sometimes including art. The hardest part in drawing (at least for me) is deciding when the work is done and doesn`t need futher improvments. Scribbling some lines can be easy but deciding that this is the end of your work can be tough. But after further looking it may seem that your work in this 'raw' condition is exactly what you were aiming for.

There are so many great illustrators out there whose style is so minimalist yet still catching: Garance Doré and David Downton are one of my favourites just to name a few.

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I love love love watercolours. They are so subtle and delicate and watching the stains of colour spreading on the paper is some kind of therapy to me. Just like this song.


I fell apart... But got back up again

Flicking through my sketches and drawings I came up with the fact that while developing my skills I need to focus on creating my own style, something which will make my works kind of similar. The problem is that I love so many different styles. Sometimes I like it minimalist, black&white and other times I`d go for colorful and abundant one. For me the style of drawing I`m working on at the moment depends mostly on my mood and what I want to express through my work. And music is also a huuuge factor.

I think it takes years for an aspiring illustrator to develop their signature style. What I need to remind myself right now is: Less talking(writing?), more working, so that one day I can have my signature drawing style too.

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